Training Days

Dartmoor Navigation and Staff Skills Weekend

So, after a very busy year instructing and leading I spent three days on Dartmoor navigating and honing personal skills including a ‘night nav’ in the pitch darkness, surrounded by mist and rain and with lumpy, sodden ground beneath my feet. Luckily though my skills proved sufficient to see me arrive at the Pub in time for a well earned beer. I didn’t even see the Hound of the Baskervilles, I did see Gabe however. (see pic)

Even throughout the year we try and arrange a Personal Skills Session at least once a month where staff re-visit our First Aid, Emergency Procedures, water rescue and so on. We also encourage the adults/ carers and Social Workers we work alongside to join us for these days so that they can have a better appreciation of what it is we are asking the young participants.

It’s also a time to take stock and conduct the kit lists and paperwork checks. We do have more young guests and families due to join us for activities over the coming months so, we’re looking forward to that.

Sea Kayaking and Climbing next personal skills re-visit. It’s a hard life.


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