Map Reading and Litter Picking


9th October 2021

So as our Expedition Weekend creeps ever closer it was time to get out there, get the coats on and get the maps out.

After making ourselves breakfast and looking at the principles of navigation -from understanding map symbols, to following a compass direction our group of, mostly teenagers headed out in to the field.

We all clubbed together to make packed lunches and load the rucksacks before boarding the bus. There was only one piece of gear left to load.

As a group we have decided that every time we head into our amazing countryside we should do our best to not only respect our environment but to enhance it. So, on this trip we came armed with litter pickers.

After navigating our way to our first stopping point for lunch we all had a chat about how maps worked and about orientating or ‘setting’ the map. We also chatted about how carrying the litter pickers we saw our surroundings differently.

Thankfully we avoided the rain and had a wonderful time navigating from feature to feature until we returned to our start point.

To see how much litter we had collected on the way was disappointing in some ways in that people throw so much away without a thought. In another way we were certainly very proud of what we had achieved that day.

If you want to improve the environment then leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photographs. Look to see if there are any local groups organizing litter picks in your area or you can arrange one yourself, perhaps a sponsored one. It’s great exercise and so rewarding.

A good starting point may be to check out RUBBISHWALKS on Facebook.

We had a great day and learnt loads. Well done to everyone who took part.

In the coming weeks we will keep everyone up to date with our training and activities leading up to our two day expedition.

This is run as part of the Compass Projects: If you have a group who might benefit from these programs please contact Andy BROWN on or contacts page.

‘Not all who wander are lost.’

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