Bushcraft The Start of 2022


So, another year get under way. So last week we started with a bit of Bushcraft, is it possible to start a fire and cook wit no matches in a damp morning forest? Myself and one young lad decided to have a go anyway.

It’s surprising just how much dry kindling you can generate with the right tools and a bit of patience. Okay, so we generated more smoke than actual flame but it was fun anyway and isn’t that the point. We learned a few things and we enjoyed. And, it got us out, even at this time of year we were able to look at Hart’s Tongues, Rose Hips and peel the remnants of Rose Bay Willow Herb for ‘cotton’.

Already this year we are welcoming back some of our local youth for a few weeks of fun and outdoor learning. Everyone is excited about that. This year promises to be a very very busy year for us working alongside other groups… bring it on, we had so much fun and positivity last year…. I can’t wait.

Just before Christmas we were nominated for an award for our collaborative work in addressing the needs of local children who were experiencing an especially hard time. We were singled out for our program of work and, I hope for the dedication of all the staff involved in breathing life into the projects and for making such a huge difference to so many young lives.

We didn’t actually win the award however, that’s by the by, we intend to ensure that the real winners continue to be those who need us most.

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