Accommodation YMCA Port Talbot Homeless Hostel

Who is eligible to apply for accommodation?
YMCA Port Talbot provide accommodation for homeless men aged 16 to 35.  We have run a homeless hostel in Port Talbot for many years and have seen hundreds of young men come through our doors in times of need.

What accommodation is offered?
We have 14 single rooms, with residents sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities.  Port Talbot YMCA reception is manned 24 hours a day.

What are the house rules?
While living at the YMCA, individuals are subject to a license agreement and have to follow house rules. No drugs or alcohol are allowed in the building, a curfew is in place between 00.30 am and 07.00 am and no visitors are allowed at any time.

How does someone request accommodation?
The procedure for requesting accommodation is as follows:

  1. An individual must be declared homeless and this must be done through Neath Port Talbot Council Housing Options. (Housing Options can be contacted either in person by going into the Council Offices in Neath or Port Talbot or by telephone on 01639 685219).
  2. When the YMCA has a vacancy, Housing Options will then refer the individual to attend an interview in the YMCA.
  3. If the interview is successful, the homeless individual will be offered accommodation.  Every case is treated on its own merit and all applicants have an equal chance of accommodation.  In the strictest confidence the YMCA will need to inquire about any medical conditions and criminal records so the individual can be housed correctly.

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