ASD Connect group

ASD Connect is a social group for AS teens and their families, where siblings are welcome and where families can connect and meet with others.

Socialising can be hard for AS teens and new places and activities can be challenging, so we try to provide a welcoming environment where they can do the activities they love, while meeting other like minded young people… helping to build friendships and social skills.

So many AS teens struggle with social anxiety and depression as they grow, making friends can help them be more resilient to whatever adventures life has in store.


Age 10-15

Activities include :-

  • Lego
  • Minecraft
  • Coding
  • PS4 & Xbox One
  • Gaming
  • Board Games
  • Learning Crafts
  • (and much more)

We try to adapt to suit your special interests, so if you are:-

  • a gamer
  • a LARPER
  • a Furry
  • a comic book fan
  • a collector
  • a Manga fan
  • a Cosplayer
  • a trainspotter
  • or love D&D or Anime Art

Maybe you want to learn more about any of these things or teach the group about your hobby or special interest.

We would love to meet you 🙂


Age 16 – 25

Feeling a little mature for activities?

We would still like you to come along, share your skills, knowledge and time with us, gain experience, help, become one of our group leaders, mentor younger group members, learn new skills and get something to put on a CV or college application.



Do you have a brother or sister who is AS?

Feel like home life and activities can sometimes be centred around them? Do they get invited to AS/SEN clubs and AS/SEN activities where you are just not welcome?

Not at our group! All brothers and sisters are welcome and you might make friends who have similar experiences & home lives.

Come along, you’re more than welcome!


Parents and families

We do not have young people at our group without a family member because no one knows them or can advocate for them like their family.

But more than that, we like to be a space where our parents can meet others, learn from them, share tips and support each other. We have over 50 years of experience in our group, parents with  qualifications in SEN Law and expertise in AS to share.

We would love to add your experience and knowledge to our group.


Mondays from 4pm – 6.30pm


YMCA Port Talbot, 48-52 Talbot Road, Port Talbot, SA13 1HU

Find us on Facebook

ASD Cnonnect at YMCA Port Talbot

Our aims include :-

  • Creating a community of neurodivergent families that can advise and support each other
  • Helping AS teens learn social skills though experience of being in groups
  • Helping AS teens to build friendships
  • Helping them negotiate the minefield of emotions that friendship can be for them
  • Instilling independence and resilience into our AS teens
  • Helping them learn from each other and feel listened to
  • Increasing confidence by trusting them to help others
  • See them share their skills and learn new skills


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